Tuesday, 30 August 2011

You were Awesome!!!

Well, the Kickstarter has ended about 2 hours ago and we raised a whopping $10,102!!! That is enough to make a great film about adventure and overcoming in all its forms. Thanks again everybody who contributed to this project. It will be a tough journey and we may or may not complete it. However, as I'm sure you are aware, to believe 100% in mine and Carols ability would be to miss the point. It will be a great adventure and the film will be a source of inspiration to crook and able bodied people everywhere. A big cheers to you beautiful people, PPX


  1. Paul, I logged on to Kickstarter today to bid for a date with you (yeah sure) but, alas, I missed the deadline!!! Domhnall

  2. You missed yer chance Domhnall! See you in November.

  3. May the road rise to meet you (almost guaranteed in the Himalaya) and the wind be at your back!