Thursday, 15 September 2011

15 September

Arrived in Lhasa this evening. What a mind blowing place. The Potala Palace dominates the city. We saw pilgrims prostrating themselves towards Lhasa 100km away! We saw them from the comfort of our train. The train ride was priceless - people throwing up left right and centre and having to be linked up via pipes to the oxygen supply. Two people were stretchered off the train at Lhasa station! 
Building the trikes tomorrow... It took 4 hours for Tim my bike man to disassemble mine and put it in a box. But it shouldn't take that long to re-assemble it. The next day we go for our first light ride. I've got a headache at the moment - Lhasa is at 3600m. Carol doesn't seem troubled by the altitude (I blame this on the fact that I drank her unwanted beer on the train in a bid to prove chivalry is not dead!).

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