Friday, 16 September 2011

16th September 2011

We spent the morning putting the trikes together today but will wait til tomorrow to ride them to the Potala Palace. Tim, my trusty bikeman, spent 4 hours boxing the trike up but it took half that time to re-assemble it. 

Went an acclimatisation stroll through the Barkhor where the 2008 monks uprising was. The snipers on the surrounding roofs are a sign that the Chinese authorities are still nervous. Having said that the soldiers are only boys doing their rotation and seemed full of smiles when Carol rolled past on her trike. Judging by the amount of pilgrims whirling prayer wheels and prostrating themselves religious freedoms seem to be intact. 

Facebook doesn't work here, nor does twitter and google is so sluggish that it is effectively useless. So keep checking this site if you want to know how we are doing. 


Putting trikes together

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