Saturday, 17 September 2011


The Potala palace today was absolutely entrancing. So imposing and so much history and devoutness and gold. I wept, as i had dreamed of visiting the Potala for 25 years! We learned so much from Samdroop our guide about bhuddism. He is to be our guide on this whole cycle although young he is very knowledgeable. We had to climb a thousand steps and Carol is feeling a little worse for ware tonight. Just muscle fatigue so she will be ok in tbe morning for a visit to the Johkan temple. I was too but I rallied (it IS Saturday night) and went to a Nagpa club with Sharyn the camera woman, Mel the newly recruited physio and Sam who lives in Kathmandu. 

This was an authentic Lhasa experience - we were the only tourists/travellers in there out of hundreds of Tibetans. I am still acclimatising so didn't drink too much and we were treated to some fine Tibetan rap.

Going to visit the jokhan, the holiest temple in Tibet, and Braille without Borders' school tomorrow to deliver them their $1000 we raised.

No photos of the Potala as there is no photography allowed. And you always feel like a knobber getting your camera out in a nightclub.

Cheers PP

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  1. Time to get cranking Paul! Your buddy, Singapore Dave