Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Blog 27th Sept

After breakfast with young monks checking out all our kit we hit the road to a beautiful day. We cycled 54km up and over our first pass, the Tra La, which in reality was only a baby at 3975m. We were invited several times to tibetan picnics - Tibetans love to picnic - but we were bloated from Dawa's monster lunch. In the next few days we'll take them up on it. 

Now we are camped in a quintessentially Tibetan landscape - flat plains with yaks and goats and distant mountains all around. The setting sun was beautiful even with the power-poles which Tibet seems to grow so well. 

Got to get some sleep for the big day ahead - the Zo La. La means pass.


Paul Pritchard and Carol Hurst
Somewhere in Tibet

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