Sunday, 25 September 2011

Braille Without Borders

Hi there from Braille Without Borders vocational Farm. We are having our first rest day here and have been treated to a tour around the farm by Paul, the head guy at BWB.

But first a bit of excitement from yesterday. I was minding my own business cycling down the road when a huge Tibetan mastiff started to run after me. Soon I was face to face with it as it barked viciously baring it's teeth down upon me. It was nearly slobbering on my chest. All I could do was present my spastic arm to it as one would a bone or rubber chicken. I was cycling so hard, and added to the altitude, that I could not make a sound. I tried but nothing would come out of my mouth. And then Shaz came to my rescue and charged the dog with a fierce growl!

Back on the farm we were shown stables, cows, bakery, cheese factory, green houses full to the brim with first class vegetables all cared for by the students. And then it was time to see the kindergarten with about 20 kids as young as 2 all running amok and taking great interest in carol's trike. The kids are all blind. Blind kids are often abandoned in Tibetan culture as there are superstitions surrounding blindness, which is seen as a punishment for wrong doing in a previous life. Added to this most parents don't believe a blind child can take care of his or her self.

We were shown the carpet weaving workshop and the music room all the while listening to Paul's thoughts social responsibility. What a truly inspiring place.

Xigatze tomorrow for an easy ride and to see the 2nd biggest temple in Tibet before tackling the first major pass!


Paul Pritchard and Carol Hurst
Somewhere in Tibet 

Braille Without Borders Kindy kids checking out Carols trike

Paul kroenemberg expounding on his theories of social responsibility

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  1. Wow!! Love the updates and pics, missing you all!!! Hugs from Hobart, Shazza xx