Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Day 1-38km

DAY 1 - 38km

After photos in front of the Jokhang Temple we rode past the Potala and along amazing cycle paths out of town. We passed the huge golden Yak and stopped at a huge buddha image that magically appeared in the rock face. Pilgrims are supposed to take a scarf and a rock and and slingshot the whole thing up the cliff. I tried but the scarf and rock shot into a tree behind me! Now we are camped By the Lhasa River and the chicks are playing badminton with Samdrupe, our ace Tibetan guide! 

I think I should mention it is a requirement of the Chinese gov't That all independent travellers have a guide.  
But we have already learned so much about Tibet from Samdrupe who by the way is cycling with us. So, at the moment we have in our peloton Carol, 
Mel, Sharyn, Samdrupe and me. 

We all feel good and healthy and happy so it's all up from here, literally!

Paul Pritchard and Carol Hurst
Somewhere in Tibet 

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