Thursday, 22 September 2011

Day 4 57km!

Another record distance for Carol and, this time, for me! We are not racing but have a minimum distance to cover if we are to do this in 36 days. This Gobsmacking landscape doesn't lend itself to rushing.

We left the sand mine, and set off up the Yarling Sangpo. After 10 km of colourful fields of Barley we entered a gorge with boulders the size of houses down in the chocolate coloured river. 

There was plenty of objective danger what with loose rocks and boulders overhanging the road and the trucks which go thundering past. It seemed more dangerous than alpine climbing!

Then the wind swung around from a pleasant tail wind to an unpleasant headwind. All my prayerflags acted like a sail and meant that I had to pedal downhill.  Note to self - get rid of some of the flags!

On one down hill stretch we passed by a bus load of monks stopped by the side of the road. They were waving and dancing and shouting at us. Sometimes we do feel like rockstars on our tricycles so much attention do we get. All the time Chinese tourists stop and ask for a photo with us. It is really wonderful!

Now we are in a guest house 120km from xigatze where we will have our first rest day. The house is sat above a 300m cliff straight down into the big rushing waters of the Yarling Sangpp. We are all aching somewhat after our big day and will sleep well.

Cheers PPX

Paul Pritchard and Carol Hurst

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