Saturday, 24 September 2011

Day 5. 64km!!!

Riding up a vast wide valley today. Almost flat the whole way. We passed villages with yak dung drying on the Walls of the houses which will later be used as fuel for the coming winter.

Monks with shaved heads and smiling demeanours took great interest in our tricycles and we got done for speeding by a plastic policeman with a plastic speed gun. 

We were spurred on by the thought of a rest day in a tranquil place that Sharyn had told us so much about. so, feeling weary but with 15 km to go we decided to push on. We were not disappointed! The 'Braille Without Borders' Vocational Farm is a tranquil haven that educates 56 blind kids in farming of all kinds. Watching Kila, the blind girl out of the film Blindsight ride Carols trike around the courtyard was really priceless - a lot of laughter.

I will tell you more about it tomorrow as i learn more. We are having a rest day here. 


Paul Pritchard and Carol Hurst
Somewhere in Tibet 

Plastic police with plastic speedgun!

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