Sunday, 18 September 2011

In the square below the Potala

Well, we got our trikes assembled, festooned with prayer flags and headed out to the Potala Palace for a little ride to check them. First thing my boom was loose and second my steering system, so it was plenty of stops and hilarity in heavy traffic. 

When we came to actually access the square because it would make a nice photo a youth with a gun stopped us. After some gesturing and pointing we ascertained They have a n'o pray flags in the square' rule! But we sneaked This photo as the revolutionary guards began to amass and then got out of there fast. 

There was an earth tremor as we were sat on the upper floor of a restaurant this very night! Because of Yushu where hundreds of thousands lost their lives only last year everyone was again decidedly nervous to the point of fleeing buildings and going out into the square. 

Oh and the mammoth postcard writing task is all done for the 116 who supported us on Kickstarter. We will post them today.

Paul Pritchard and Carol Hurst
Somewhere in Tibet 

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