Friday, 23 September 2011

Sept 23 is Day 4.

This morning after our big day yesterday we were all feeling decidedly weary. Both Carol and I were experiencing breathlessness, meaning we pushed it a little too hard yesterday. 

So today we took it easy! After 42km of impressive gorge we came out into a wide valley. Carol decided to call it a day and I did not take too much persuasion. So, we got in the truck, yes we have a truck, and drove to our campsite. Tomorrow we will back track 15km to begin the day's ride.
I am writing this blog at an amazingly beautiful camp with poplars in full autumnal colours, and mountains all around with sand dunes on them. The gently meandering Yarling Sangpo is right at our camp door but it is not deep enough to swim in.

Just now a family of Chinese tourists visited our camp and Each took turns to have there pictures taken with us. Then they each took turns posing for photos in front of our tents. Finally the whole absurdity of the situation became apparent when the mother struck a pose in front of our toilet tent!


Paul Pritchard and Carol Hurst
Somewhere in Tibet 

Chinese tourist photographing us eating biscuits!

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