Monday, 26 September 2011


A third of the way there! The team in Xigatse.

After some filming at Braille Without Borders we hit the road late for Xigatse. There we did essential stuff like posting 60 kickstarter postcards and  visiting Tashilumpo monastery. Tashilumpo is the home of the Panchen Lama (traditionally the second in command to the Dalai Lama). The Buddha there was 26m tall and gold. 

After a curry lunch we road on and hit rain. Riding a trike in the rain is a special sort of treat - because you are lying down it is like lying in the shower with all your clothes on. You get very wet! 

The river at which we were supposed to camp was dry so we forged on. It was getting dark by now. Just when we thought all was lost Samdrupe our guide found us a monastery. So I am updating from my tent inside a monastery. 

The Chinese authorities do not allow the monks to take strangers in but they allowed us to use their kitchen and camp. At great personal risk they even gave us two beds.

Today we tackle our first pass at almost 4000m! We are a third of the way into the ride but admittedly the easy third!


Paul Pritchard and Carol Hurst
Somewhere in Tibet

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