Sunday, 16 October 2011

Thang La and Lung La -
The last two passes of the trip behind us. Dreadful nights sleep. set off at 7am! 14km to top of first pass then down and 14 km to top of second pass. Then it's the deepest road descent in the world at 4500m.

The last 3 km of the last pass were into a headwind. My knee hurt and Mel delivered some anti-inflammatories and an emergen-C. I then tried all the tricks in the book to take my mind off the job in hand - a 3 km straight. Mantras, headphones, bead counting, you name it. 

I finally made it through the arch of prayer-flags miles behind Carol and was bundled into a house before I'd had chance to study the surroundings. On opening the door again I was faced with Shishapangma,  and Melungtse  all in their wedding gowns. 

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