Monday, 17 October 2011

In Kathmandu at last!!!


  1. Hallo Hallo Paul !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You and your friend finnally are in Katmandu?
    I'm really happy and after a lot of time I watch our report ... Time pass so quickly !!
    How match km you do it in a day? I hope you have a good time with your frien's and make a good scene for the movie, and off course do it a good trip with the trike. Here in Trentino is all fine, the winter is coming and whe have a lot of a very beautiful day with clear sky and wonderful panorama...
    I hope you have some day more for stay in Nepal and take relax .
    tank's for the mail and the greetings, I hope hear soon some news about you.
    Gretting from me and from Bina !!!
    Fuerza y adelante ;-) Hasta otra.. Davide

  2. Fantastic, what a journey. Some excellent photos with the Himalayas and your prayer flags on the trikes! Awesome man! Well done, what an adventure/accomplishment!

  3. Thanks Guys,It was a really tough adventure. Sharyn has posted some great photos to our Trikes on the Roof of the World FB page. see you soon wally and see you one day davide x